Legal service packages:

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Legal advice and specialized legal advice


Legal advice and specialized legal advice

Legal assistance and legal representation


This package includes all activities covered by article 3 of Law 51/1995 on the organization and practice of the lawyer profession:

a) legal advice and requests;

b) legal assistance and representation in court, prosecution bodies, jurisdictional authorities, notaries public and bailiffs, public administration bodies and institutions and other legal entities under the law;

c) drawing up legal documents, attestation of identity of parties, content and date of documents submitted for authentication;

d) assistance and representation of interested natural or legal persons against other public authorities with the possibility of certifying the identity of the parties, content and date of the signed documents;

e) defending and representing by means of specific legal rights and interests of individuals and companies in their relations with public authorities, institutions and any Romanian or foreign person;

f) mediation activities;

g) fiduciary activities consisting in recieving for safe keeping in the name and on behalf of the client, of financial funds and goods resulted from the execution of executive titles or after completion of succession proceedings or liquidation, as well as placement and capitalization in the name and on behalf of the client or fund management activities of the values in which they are placed;

h) establishing temporary headquarters for companies in the professional lawyer’s office and registration in the name and on behalf of the client, of the interest shares or the shares of the companies so recorded;

i) activities referred to in subparagraph g) and h) may be carried out under a new contract for legal assistance;

j) any means and ways of exercising their rights of defense in law.